We have achieved the full International School Award!

This has certainly been a challenging year. But we have had a really nice ending because…

We have received the Full International School Award 2020-2023!

We had already achieved the Foundation and Intermediate School Awards in 2017 and 2018, so we decided to be more ambitious and apply for the full accreditation this year.

The objective: create 7 activities which would reflect an international dimension, work with 3 partner schools and involve most of the school in the planned activities.

In the end, we planned 10 activities, worked with 6 partner schools in Spain and France and most students were involved in one project at least. There are many people we should say thank you for this:

The staff, who played a crucial role in this process either leading, supporting or giving advice to prepare the activities, the parents who supported us and their children and, of course, our students. They were the real stars in this adventure. They worked really hard and were very enthusiastic about all the activities planned for them.

But what projects did we work on troughout the year? In this blog entry we would like to tell you about them.

This was our journey…

The European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages takes place on 26th September every year. It is a day to celebrate the language diversity in Europe and abroad.

This year we decided to do a tutor challenge and take part in a t-shirt logo competition. The winner of the challenge was Wake and Matthew won the logo competition. With this challenge, we learned some interesting facts about languages and culture in the world, but also in school (Who can speak the most languages at Pitsford?)

Special thanks to all tutors, to Mr Vié for leading an assembly on languages, to Mr Stoner for his support and to Alex for her blog entries about it.

Winning t-shirt logo by Matthew in Year 8

Trips, trips trips

Last October, the MFL and History departments organised a trip to Boulogne for students in Year 9. Mr Vié, Mr Harrison and Mrs Care took a lovely group of students who met their French penpals and visited some historical landmarks in the area. Libby tells us all about it in this blog entry.


Later that month, Dr Walker and Mrs King took a group of students in the Sixth Form to Berlin. They had an amazing time learning about the culture and practising the language. You can learn more about it here.

A view of Berlin

From 15th to 17th November, London Olympia hosted the annual Language Show, one of the most important language fairs in the world. Mrs Lyon, Dr Cabrera Álvarez and a group of students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 attended the event. Tianna and Adam tell us what they thought about the experience.

A conference during the Language Show

Etwinning projects

This year, Year 7 worked on an Etwinning project called Culture in a box. Back in December, Mr Vié, Mrs Arroyo and Mrs Lyon helped our students to prepare and send Christmas cards to our Spanish friends in Colegio Fuente de la Reina (Granada) and our French friends in Collège de l’Ouche des Carmes (Aulney de Saintonge). In February, Mrs Ellis and Mrs King also prepared bookmarks with quotes of our students’ favourite books to send them too.

Parcels ready to be sent

Year 8 also met some pen friends in Spain and France. Mr Vié’s groups worked with students in École Privée Sainte-Sophie in Saint-Jean-d’Angely. CPI de Cruz Do Sar was our partner school in Spain. Dr Cabrera Álvarez’s Year 8 students received and sent Christmas cards, letters and postcards from their Spanish friends. They also kept in touch using Etwinning’s TwinSpace.

Year 8 students wrote postcards for their Spanish friends

Year 9 met their pen friends in Collège de l’Europe when they went to France in October. They also sent some Christmas cards and messages to their Spanish friends in IES César Rodríguez in Asturias, north of Spain. You can see their project page here.

Christmas cards we sent to our friends in IES César Rodríguez

Juvenes translatores

On 21st November, we took part in the Juvenes Translatores competition. Only 71 schools in the UK can take part in this translation competition. All contestants, who had to be students born in 2002, translated a text in any European language into the language of their choice. One of our students in Year 13 tells us about his experience in this blog entry.

Gifts that our students received from Juvenes Translatores organisers

Multilingual magazine

Our students worked really hard to produce the articles for the first ever issue of the Multilingual Magazine. So, during lockdown we published this very special magazine with articles about festivities, history, food, games, interviews, opinions, languages and culture. Just click on the image below to read the whole document. We hope you like it!

Next year we will continue with some of the projects we started this year and there will be also new and exciting activities we are planning to do with our students.

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