IES César Rodríguez

Meet our partner school in Grado!

Our Y9 students started working with students in Grado, Asturias, this year. We will be sending each other Christmas cards, postcards and letters. We are really excited about it!

Their school was named after one of the most important entrepreneurs in Spain. He founded “El Corte Inglés”, the most famous department store in the country.

Asturias is a beautiful area in the northwest of Spain. It has amazing landscapes and their typical dishes are so delicious! If you visit it, you have to try “fabada” (beans with chorizo and black pudding) and “cachopo” (two breaded beaf steaks with ham and cheese in the middle). Yum! ¡Ñam!

Image by  Amasuela – Luis Lafuente Agudín. ” Pescador en Río Cubia, Grado, Asturias”. CC BY-SA

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